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The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

College of Engineering & Honors College

GPA: 3.7/4.0

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Minor: Mathematics

  • Head of competitive programming club

Work Experience

IT Contractor

Forget Me Not Animal Shelter, Republic, WA

IT Contractor

The Anonymous Press, Malo, WA & Chicago, IL


Quantum Trivia Takeover

A trivia and strategy game demonstrating basic quantum computing mechanics, built with a Angular/TypeScript front-end interfacing with a Python-based REST API running on Flask using IBM's Qiskit quantum computing library.

Super Hyper Advanced Search Tool VII

A tool to visualize price distribution of eBay listings on a JavaScript and CSS-based histogram with a PHP back-end interfacing with eBay's Finding API.

RAM Allocation Utility


A VB.NET application to alter the amount of memory allocated to the game Minecraft by its 2012-era Java launcher.


Programming Languages:
  • Angular
  • Flask
  • git
  • jQuery
  • Linux/Unix
  • bash
  • Windows Batch